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Maintenance of green areas

Zagreb Holding d.o.o., Zrinjevac Subsidiary regularly maintains 114 ha, or more precisely, 11,403,241 sqm of public green areas in the city of Zagreb.
The majority of maintained green areas belongs to lawns – 10,326,134 sqm in total.

The maintenance of city parks, lawns and tree alleys includes cleaning, mowing and collecting grass and waste from the green areas, renovation of stamped down lawns, maintenance and pruning of trees, shrubs and hedges, maintenance and care of seasonal and perennial flower gardens, maintenance of paved and spread surfaces in parks, and installation and maintenance of urban equipment in parks and children's playgrounds.

The streets of our city are embellished with 132,798 trees, 28,517 of them in tree alleys, which makes up 204 km of tree alleys.

On 288,548 sqm of city areas, almost half a million shrubs have been planted, which break the uniformity of lawns with their habitus, various colours and flowers.

Our maintenance also includes hedges, whose total length is 96 km, and these are mostly planted along tram tracks, and on more important and more busy roads.

Seasonal and perennial flower gardens take up 64,991 sqm. Planting of seasonal flower gardens is carried out two times a year, in May – "summer flower", when annual species, such as Begonia, Salvia, Tagetes, Impatiens, are planted, and in October – "spring flower", when biennial species, such as heatsease, common daisy, forget-me-not and various species of bulbs are planted.

In perennial flower gardens, roses are most common with 70,188 pieces, and their flowers embellish various locations in the city and access roads, such as Velikogoricka cesta and Zagrebacka avenija.

Throughout the year, plants in 1815 flower boxes (jardinières) are maintained and taken care of.

Within park areas, we also maintain 565,583 sqm of various paths, which are an inseparable part of such green areas.

In Zagreb we maintain 570 children's playgrounds, which contain 3,171 pieces of various playground structures. Currently the most attractive children's playground, the only one with thematically separated structures according to age, is located in Bundek park.

Our maintenance also covers various urban equipment on green areas. This includes 11,366 various types of benches, 4,687 waste bins and 645 sets of tables with two benches.

The installation and maintenance of safety elements along the edges of green surfaces is becoming increasingly important. These are so called staples – 10.465 of them, safety barriers in the total length of 21,810 m and 10,951 pieces of bollards. Their role is to protect green surfaces from devastation.

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Maintenance of green areas
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