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Quality policy

The basic guideline of Zrinjevac is commitment to continuous improvement of quality and environment management.
The Zrinjevac Subsidiary is oriented towards clean and healthy environment. All Zrinjevac employees will contribute to the image of a professional, friendly and successful company, and through their activities in the design, arrangement and maintenance of green areas, as well as in the production and sales of plants, compost and substrates, keep improving the attitude towards the environment pursuant to statutory and internally established rules.
The main objective of Zrinjevac is customer satisfaction, i.e. meeting customers' requirements with efficient and environmentally friendly use of natural resources.
The creation of safe environment and performance of activities of Zrinjevac will be carried out with the aim of employee satisfaction, with the awareness of the employees that product and service quality, as well as positive influence on the environment, is the result of the efforts of all employees. Individually, each employee is responsible for performing their own work tasks, participating in continuous improvement and reducing negative influence on the environment.
Zrinjevac improves its direct environment by arranging and maintaining green areas, preventing environmental pollution and striving to preserve natural resources.
Green Zrinjevac thinks globally and acts locally.
Zagreb, 7 December 2011
Subsidiary Manager
Igor Toljan,